Friday, April 16, 2010

the night i went to JAIL...

i had recently gone home for a day to mumbai..
Since rachu n radha were there too.. i decided all of us cousins should head out for dinner..
so.. me,adin, priya,rahul saiyya,rachu n radha.. decided to go this new themed restaurant near Andheri RTO.

once there, we were genuinely impressed with the ambience and the theme.. and prayed that the food/drinks too would be upto the mark.

adin, had just recently cleared his recent semester exams with a great score and i encouraged him to join us in the drinking. And so it was that adin had his first alcoholic drink with me.

now my parents and priya's parents were in delhi for a tour, and as expected my mom messaged adin at around 10pm.." has that brother of yours come back home? call him and ask him not to stay out with his frenz all night".

adin, already high, passed his phone onto priya and rahul, who promptly replied back saying "rahul is in jail".

after about 20 mins, rahul saiyya gets a call from priya's dad " rahul, we just got this sms saying that rahul is in jail. whats going on? everyone is upset here"

to make a long story short: everyone had believed that I was in jail.. goes to show everyone thinks i am capable of ending up in a jail.

after a lot of apologising and explaining, we managed to calm our parents down.

the next facebk status had "i went to jail n back"... and once again.. all my frenz blived a cock n bull story about me gettting drunk and abusing a plain clothed policeman while he was stopping me from urinating by the roadside....thus in their words " i had accomplished what nobody else in the gang had done".

oh, wait.. you guys are wondering where the "jail" part figures in the middle of all this.. right?

the themed restaurant we went to was called "JAIL".. complete with holding cells to eat in...waiters and servers dressed as cops/robbers/prisoners...props like an old police jeep/van...handcuffs...posters of famous/infamous bollywood villains...etc etc lying around...


Upasna said...

you surely made this up! Who fell for u in jail. You're domestic now.

郭君 said...


Dayana Stockdale said...

I guess that makes you a bad boy, people thinking your capable of being in jail. watch out!