Monday, April 19, 2010

The IPL circus..

in the midst of all the modi Vs tharoor brouhaha...i managed to get some time to go watch match no.43.. KKR against RCB.
was initially planning to watch it with pinto n frenz.. she had booked tickets worth 1100rs.
but since lakshmi was also comin along for the weekend.. tried my best to get 1 more ticket..but failed.
finally out of the blue.. ajay mama called rachu n offered 4 "whyte n mackay" corporate passes in the T stand at the stadium..(each pass is worth 28,000rs).

so there.. the 4 of us.. rachu,radha,me n lakshmi.. dressed in RCB gear.. watched the match.
(in brief: RCB beat KKR comprehensively tat nite!!)

this post is not abt the match, but abt the experience of watching the match from the corp. box..
1. the attached restaurant had unlimited free alcohol and food.
2. the seats had a very good view of the pitch and the whole stadium.. we sat just above the RCB dugout.
3. sponsors of the match kept giving out freebies like trumpets, hand held banners,inflatable zoozoos (vodafone) etc..
4. there were huge fans and a tv screen placed strategically within the box.. ensuring it wasnt too hot and we got a better view of "Action replays" during 3rd umpire decisions...

the life of the rich n famous, at times, can be very enviable..
the pre match warm up+pitch report

the attached restaurant 

radha cheerin with a "zoozoo"

 Heineken shades + kingfisher trumpet + "zoozoo the ghost" :))



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