Monday, July 30, 2012

the dark scribe rises...

not to add to the brouhaha surrounding the trilogy's last installment...
but it is a fitting end to nolan's version of the dark knight of gotham.

a recent trip to mumbai.. catching up with frenz and drink... and mumbai's claim to fame..."upset tummy"..

through it all.. the recurrent theme*tyapa in college..
now, though it may sound dangerously similar to a 'five point someone'...
its still not.. and thankfully so.

finally to the point of this post.. was in toronto for a month.. and went to "wonderland"..
it is truly the paradise of roller coasters..
with ones that you sit in normally...

to ones that you lie down in...

to ones that you sit facing forward.. but move backward..

to ones that you stand in ....(see the pic.. yes.. stand and do the loop!)

to ones that drop you at an angle of 80 degrees, at a speed of 150kph.

and the best part, 90% of the rides were commissioned in the 80s and 90s!
so if a park like this can exist in canada back then, isnt it long overdue to have one in india now?
esselworld, wonderla and all other excuses in india... really pale in comparison to brands like the six flags,universal and others..

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