Monday, August 23, 2010

the day we went fishing...

this story is based on true events.. and any similarity to anyone living or dead.. is purely INTENTIONAL.

this story involves the following plot points/charactors:

1. an igloo tent
2. chilled beers
3. no ice cubes
4. an idiot who snores (and then blames on other unsuspecting by-sleepers)
5. flying insects..the size of ashok's nuts..(in retrospect.. not very large)
6. bouncing balls (n NO.. im not referring to biji here)
7. death defying stunts..(the kind involving 3 grown up men... thick ropes...tall trees...full bladders and frequent attempts at alternatively abusing/praying)
8. river rafting through rapids flowing faster than ashok runs..(which roughly translates into 0.5 kph at best)
9. 3 people taking a shower (NOT together).. and only 2 of the 3 using a soap/shampoo.( really ashok.. u shud have just asked!)
10. 1 retard who packed everything for the trip, except clean undies.. and ended up wearing a bright pink/green one.. borrowed from a person with a very questionable reputation.

Feel free to mix and match the above to come up with a suitable story...(preferably free of adult content. the 3 of us are HIGHLY unconfortable being the subject of someone else' gay fantasy).

for photographic evidence of the trip..pls visit..

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Ashok said...

too good... no one will be able to gather all the points n make it into a rapchik do the needful...once again wht a jhakaas trip...